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Roof Repair. Roof Replacement. Roof Inspection. Solar Panels.
Seamless Rain Gutter Installation.

Fixing the Roof
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Installing Solar Panels
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When you have a leak in your roof, as long as it's repairable, we can repair it. When you are considering solar panel installation and need to repair your roof to meet their requirements, we can help.

Whether you have a shingle or tile roof, we can replace or install the roof of your dreams. We specialize in all types of roofing options. 

Replacement of shingles, tiles or replacing the underlayment felt on your existing tile roof.

Solar is the future and the future is now! Renewable Energy (Solar Panel System) will help to eliminate your energy bill. There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit for going Solar, it can raise the value of your home, support you to become energy independent, and protect you from high energy costs. 



100% Financing

30% Federal Tax Credit

Fixed Rate

Rent vs. Own 

We take pride in every rain gutter installation we install. We specialize in making one piece seamless aluminum rain gutters which are different from sectional plastic gutters that you can buy at the hardware store.

Providing our communities with the Very Best in Rain Gutters in the industry.

Experience the F.R. Roofing & Rain Gutter Way! 
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