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Solar / Renewable Energy

Solar is the future and the future is now! The reality is that we are not going to stop using electricity anytime soon., but we can choose how much money we can Save by Switching to Solar.

Each year in California our electric rates continue to go up. Switch to Solar and lock in your rate now. You will Love powering your home or business with the sun.


Renewable Energy (Solar Panel System) will help to eliminate your energy bill. There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit for going Solar, it can raise the value of your home, support you to become energy independent, and protect you from high energy costs. 



100% Financing

30% Federal Tax Credit

Fixed Rate

Rent vs. Own

Installing Solar Panel
Solar Panels Technician
Solar Panels Technicians

Finance your Complete Solar Panel System with $0 out of Pocket. We have 100% financing options with some of the lowest monthly payments available. The Time to Go is Now. It's time to Eliminate Your Energy Bill. 

The Federal Government has raised the Solar Tax Credit from 26% to 30% effective immediately. The time to Go Solar is Now!

With the constant energy rate increase and these hot days results in fluctuating high energy bills. Image being able to have a constant low monthly payment no matter how much energy you use whether during summer, winter, spring, or fall. Well, now that is possible with Solar. The time to Go Solar is Now!

Experience the F.R. Roofing, Solar, & Rain Gutter Way! 
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